Ganadaramaba Vinyl

Available Only In Stores November 25

Exclusive Record Store Day Release

This limited edition vinyl release includes covers we recorded of Korean psych classic “Ganadaramaba” and a new version of Dengue Fever’s “Integratron” performed by a collaboration of both Goonam and Dengue Fever.  The vinyl includes a digital download card with a bonus track for download.  The Record Store Day pressing is limited to 500 copies.  Only available in stores on 140gm orange vinyl!  These tracks are not available for streaming or standalone download.  Made in the USA.  Available on TUK TUK Records (TT009).

{ Track Listing }
Side A: Ganadaramaba (3:44)
Side B: Integratron (3:02)
Download Card Bonus Track: Going South (2:00)

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How It Happened


Like many of life’s best moments, this one was totally random.  In January 2014, Dengue Fever started receiving emails about a song of theirs that was breaking in Korea.  “Integratron,” off of their 2008 release Venus on Earth, had been picked up by SNL Korea and was being used in a recurring sketch parodying a popular video game.  The sketch was a hit, and the song started to receive some notoriety.  A few months later, Dengue Fever was contacted by Koki Yahata, who worked with Sungbae Lee at Cavare Sound to procure a grant from the Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) for a cultural exchange between Korean and foreign musicians.

A plan was set in motion to bring psychedelic Korean indie rockers Goonam together with Dengue Fever for some international shows and a cross-cultural music collaboration.  Goonam traveled to the United States for a week in September and played with Dengue Fever at the Federal Bar Underground in Long Beach and The Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix.  Following the shows, both bands moved into Manny’s Estudio in Los Angeles for a three day recording session.  The idea was not to cover each other’s songs, but to collaborate and mix ideas on each song.  Goonam had rewritten a blusey, rocking version of “Integratron” and translated the lyrics into Korean, and Dengue Fever worked on translating and updating the Shin Joong-hyun classic “Ganadaramaba”.  Nimol took lead vocals on that song, while Joh took lead on “Integratron.”  The collaboration was so smooth that there was studio time left over to record a short third track, “Going South.”

After the recording session, the collaboration came full circle as Goonam hosted Dengue Fever in November, with more shows in Seoul and Tokyo.  The bands were able to perform their collaborations live on stage and fully realize the intentions behind their collaboration.  Now, finally, we are releasing something as unique and special as our experience.  This 7″ release is more than just an album, it is a tangible momento of the creativity and love that existed in specific place at a specific time, that we can now share with you.  We hope you enjoy.

Goonam X Dengue Fever

Listen To It Here

Who Was There



DENGUE FEVER is known for their unique hybrid of Cambodian rock, Afro grooves, surf & garage psychedelia.  Their latest full length, The Deepest Lake, released on the band’s own TUK TUK Records, debuted at #1 on the Billboard World Music charts.

Dengue Fever Website



Goonam, short for Goonamguayeoridingstella, is a quirky indie rock band whose name is supposed to mean something along the lines of “old man and woman riding a stellar car.” The band is known for their unique blend of retro-electro rock that crosses musical genres.

Goonam Website


“Ganadaramaba” Official Music Video

“Integratron” live at Sangsangmadang Concert Hall, Seoul, 11/23/14

“Ganadaramaba” live at Sangsangmadang Concert Hall, Seoul, 11/23/14

Dengue Fever visits Seoul & Tokyo

Redeem Your Download

Did you already grab your copy of Ganadaramaba on vinyl? First of all, thank you very much! Second, we bet you’re wanting to download those tracks now! Use the adjacent Dropcards widget and enter the code that came with your vinyl from a desktop or laptop computer.  The download is a ZIP file, so only download to a mobile device if you know what you’re doing.

Your download includes the original Goonam song “Going South” as a bonus track!  We hope you enjoy!

Looking for just a download code?  Sorry!  We’re keeping this release as a special momento of this unique collaboration, and we’ve decided not to release the songs digitally as stand alone tracks.  You’ll have to find a copy of the vinyl if you want to download the songs …. 🙂

A very special thanks for making this record happen:

Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)
Manny @ Manny’s Estudio
Koki Yahata
Sungbae Lee @ Cavare Sound
Bong Soo Lee @ Beatball Records
Shin Joong-hyun
Josh Mills
Lil Tuffy
Marc Walker
Rainbo Records